Working in group and making decisions are getting easier and easier thanks to the Actions and Décisions. You are able to assign actions to the members of your session.

More efficient meetings with the Actions/Decisions

Beekats's interactive activities transform decision-making into collaborative sessions. You can also use them to determine your action plan.

Now, allow the feature "Actions/Decisions" on your session so that you can directly post the actions and decisions on the discussion space to record them and share them with all the members. This method will help you find them concisely in the report of your session.

How does it work?

In new sessions, you can activate this feature when creating your session.
The feature "Actions/Decisions" is thus available on the discussion space.

According to the context of your meeting, new types of messages are available to your participants and you.

Taken action: entitle your action, name the person in charge of it, set the due date, a priority, and the completion status.

Decision-making: entitle the decision and name the author.

Go to the settings to activate the "Actions/Decisions" in the former sessions.
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