Assessment score

You can set up a scoring system on your assessment activities (Challenge, MCQ and Ranking).

This scoring system will help you follow up with the validation of your participants' achievements.

How does it work?

Click on the star icon at the left side of the targeted question and select the score you wish.

Set the scoring scale

You can select from 0 to 10 points per question.

Especially in the assessment activities Challenge and MCQ, you can choose to attribute points to partial answers. This works only on the multiple-choice questions.

Check the " Count up partial answers " button to give your participants a score proportional to their correct answers on the global number of expected answers.

In the case this button is not enabled, no point will be assigned to the participants if they give an only bad answer.

At the end of your session, you can display your participants' score as points or percentage.

They also have access to their score throughout their participation.

Score summary

To view all these stats, please go to the Stats on the left sidebar → Score and also in → the Export Excel.

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