Using Beekast in Teams

Teams is a part of Microsoft 365, so you need a Microsoft 365 Apps for business and Enterprise license to use it.   
Beekast is now available either in Microsoft Teams App or in your web browser. 

Recommended browsers: the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or safari.

This guide will help you embed your Beekast's sessions into your Teams' interface.  

Get started

Start Teams and sign in   

Pick a team and channel, then share your session. 

Select Teams on the left side of the app, then pick a team or create one.
team is a collection of people, conversations, files, and tools — all in one place  

Select a channel
channel is a discussion in a team, dedicated to a department, project, or topic. 

Add a Beekast page by clicking "+" on the top banner, select the application Beekast.

Or click "Application" on the left side and select Beekast. 

The Owner of the session

To add a new Beekast page

Click on "+"
If you are already connected to your Beekast account, you will access the list of your sessions with the following information:
- Title of the session
- Your role(Owner, Moderator, Participant)
- Creation date

Select your session
Click on "Save" to open the session

Beware! You cannot create new Beekast's sessions in Teams.

To manage your Beekast pages, click on the given tab, then click on the small arrow next to it. You will be able to:

access the settings of the page
rename the tab
delete the page

Onboard interface

Easily promote teamwork by using Beekast in Teams. Let's explore it together!

When you open a Beekast page in Teams, the home page opens automatically on the right side of your Beekast page. it's up to you close this panel by clicking on the cross. 

Command buttons

The Beekast page is optimized in Teams thanks to the command buttons on the upper-right corner of the page. 
Use the command buttons on your Beekast page to start an action or a set of actions.
For example, you can access:
The Home page
The Discussion space
The open and closed activities
The list of participants

Presentation button

The owner of the session can: 
generate the session's report
access the stats access the settings
access the account's information

Only the account's information is available to the participant.

All the other displays on the normal interface of Beekast, such as the participation in activities, the slideshow, and the button "Organizer" are in the same spot.
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