Working remotely or from home? Looking to organise a video conference with your team?

Try combining Beekast with Zoom! 😃

Beekast helps you run your meeting by synchronising data for your session on all of your participants’ devices. And the Zoom app offers video conferencing and many other features so that your team can talk and even see each other in real time!


You can now connect your Zoom account to one of your Beekast sessions so you can share the link for your Zoom video conference directly in Beekast.

Participants will find the access link in the home menu for your session, and can then simply click on the link to join the meeting!

Adding a Zoom meeting to your Beekast session

First, go to the settings for your session by clicking the “Settings” button in the blue bar at the right of your session screen. Next, click the “Connected applications” header.

The connection to your Zoom account is only valid for one session. You won’t be automatically connected to Zoom for your other sessions!

- Click the “Connect” button next to the Zoom logo. This will take you to the connection page for your Zoom account.

- Connect using one of the available methods.

- You can now confirm that your Zoom account is connected to your Beekast session, or close your connection to Zoom within Beekast by clicking the red dustbin icon. If you close your connection to Zoom, you can reconnect whenever you like.

- Once your Zoom account is connected to your Beekast session, go to the home screen for your session (the button with the house icon in the blue bar on your session screen).

- Click on “Add a Zoom video conference”. This will automatically create a Zoom meeting, and make a button available to all participants to connect to the Zoom meeting.

Now, all that you (the owner or moderator of the session) and your participants have to do is click on “Click here to join”. A new tab will automatically open in your browser. This tab is where you will run your Zoom meeting (video and audio conference) in parallel with Beekast.

Uninstalling the Zoom connection

-Go into your account, in the "connected applications" tab
-Click the red dustbin icon on the right
-Be aware that all the Zoom conferences created through Beekast will be deleted
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