To add a Board activity, click on "Add a slide", then on "Board" and “Save”.

Then add a title (1) and / or a description (2-Optional)

You can create categories and entitle them or you can create a board with no categories. During the activity, the creation of new categories in real time is also possible.

You can choose the color of the category and delete a category by clicking on the red bin.

During your settings, you can add a poll activity, either by likes or by points.

For voting by points, please choose the count of points to be awarded.

Here are the available settings. You can :
Activate the stopwatch
Activate the ideas counter
Enable the moderation of ideas before adding them to the board.

Your Board activity is now ready ! Click on the “Display in full screen” icon to share it with your participants and click on “Start activity” to launch it.

If you choose to enable the moderation of ideas, you’ll need to allow or refuse ideas by clicking on the “Moderate” tab at the bottom right of the slide. It is also possible to edit or delete an idea directly on the board.

You can also group ideas. To do this, select the ideas to group, then give write down a title in the field indicated. You can also drag and drop ideas from a category to another one.
NB: Only ideas belonging to the same category can be grouped.

Start a poll before closing your activity.

Now it's your turn !
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