How does it work?

Collect ideas from your audience, organize and rank them in a vote.

To create a Board, click “ + ADD A SLIDE ” and select the “Board" activity.


Enter the title of your activity and add instructions (optional).

Activity format

Two formats are given to you:
Direct: Every participant sends their ideas directly to the board, visible by all.
Round by round: Participants can prepare their ideas in a notepad (not visible to other participants) before publishing them.

You can enable the color palette and check the color(s) you want to make available. Your participants will be able to enter their ideas, select a color and add it to their idea.

Enable the color palette

Adding a color to a contribution

An example of brainstorming with colorful positive and negative ideas

During your settings, you can add a poll activity, either by likes or by points to be launched after ideas collection.


Create categories, entitle them and assign a color to each one.

During your session, you can add new categories in real-time.


You can moderate ideas before displaying them. When the moderation is activated, the facilitator receives a notification every time a contribution is sent. Click on the "moderate" tab at the bottom right of the slide and access the moderation panel.


Display a stopwatch
Display the count of participants in real-time


When you finish, click on “Save”.


There you go! Launch your activity by clicking "Start activity" and start brainstorming with your audience.

Send your ideas: Click "Send an idea", write down your text, select the category and click on "Send".
You can also send pictures.

You can create groups of ideas in every category. To do this, click the arrow next to "Send an idea" and click "Create a group". Then drag and drop ideas you want to group.


Once the poll is launched, participants can rate each contribution.

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