Goal ?
Your audience share ideas in categories, that you have determined. A participant can write down his idea and put it in the category he wants !

Perfect to collect your audience ideas !

To add a Brainstorming, click on “Add” and then “Brainstorming”

The activity is added with a brainstorming example.

Click on “Edit” to personalize your brainstorming with a title and categories.

Write down your title and select your categories.

You can also choose your categories colours. You need to click on the little green square.

Move the categories order. You need to click on the little arrow to move them up or down.

To delete a category, click on the little red trash.

Your brainstorming is now edited. Let’s see the different settings available !

Here, all the settings are deactivated.
You can display the chronometer.
You can display the count of answers in real time.
You can display ideas ordered by number of likes before animation closure

You can also choose to manually moderate ideas. If you activate this option, you must validate every received idea. When you accept the ideas, they are visible to the whole audience.

You have 2 solutions to moderate : Click on “Accept/Refuse” directly on the projection or click on “Moderate” and “accepte/refuse” the ideas.

When you have finished with the settings, click on “Open” !

When you received ideas, you can move them. You need to click on the idea that you want to move and hold to move on to the category you want !

Click on “Display in full screen” to share your brainstorming to your audience !

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