Goal ?

Test the knowledge of your participants with different types of questions !

It’s perfect to evaluate each one’s level.

To add a challenge, click on “Add” then select “Challenge”.

Your challenge is now added with an exemple

Let’s see how to modify it ! Click on “Edit” on the top right corner.

At first, you can give a title and optional instructions.

Then, select the question type you want and type your question.

Enter the different answers, and click on the check box that matches the correct one.

Click on “+ add choice” if you want to add more answers.
If you want your participant to know if they had the correct answer just after choosing, you can enable the option “Display the right answer when participant submit his choice”, you can also add an explanation.

Click on “+ add a question” to add a new question to your challenge !
Here we chose “Multiple choice question” type. Like the single choice question, type the question, the answers, and check one or more checkboxes on the left to indicate the right answers.

To delete a question or an answer , click on the red trash icon.
To add an image, click on the camera icon.

Once you finished, click on the “Save” button !

Your challenge is now modified. Let’s see the different settings available !

here, all options are disabled. You can display a timer and the number of participants in real time.

Once your settings are done, you can open your animation !

You can click on display in full screen to enjoy your challenge !

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