Perfect to evaluate the knowledge of your participants with different types of questions !

To create a challenge, click on “+ ADD A SLIDE” in the bottom-right corner then select the activity “Challenge” and click "Add".

Once your activity is added, all the editing options appear so you can set it up the way you want. You will :
enter title and/or the instructions (optiional)
select the type of question and write down the different answer choices
add a new choice as many as you want.
add a new question by clicking on "Add a question" and repeat the same process as the one above.

Once you enter the different answer choices, tick the box that matches the correct one whether you select a multiple choice question or a single choice one. You can choose to display the right answer once participants submit their answers.

You can choose to display the correct answer once participants submit their answer and add an explanatory text.

Let's see the available settings of the Challenge.
Display the count of participants in real time.
Display a stopwatch

When you finish, click “Save” and launch your activity by clicking "Start activity"
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