How does it work?

Collect in real time your audience opinion, to have an idea of what they are thinking about!

To create a form, click “ + ADD A SLIDE” in the bottom-right corner, then select the activity click “Form” and click "Add".

Once your activity is added, all the editing options appear so you can set it up to the way you want.
You will:
write down the title you wish and then add a description (optional).
choose to activate or deactivate the cursor to allow your participants to answer anonymously.

Here are the fields for questions and answers. You can choose the type of question. 4 choices are given to you :
Multiple choice questions: Let people select multiple answers from your list of answer choices
Unique choice question: Ask people to choose one answer from your list of answer choices
Open question: Let your respondents write their answers in a single textbox
Rating scale question.

Then, write down your question and the list of answer choices.

You can add a new choice of answers and make the question optional, click "Add a choice".

Let's create a second question by clicking on "Add a question". Here is a unique choice question "Is Beekast an interactive tool ?"

You can add pictures to your questions and answers.

You can delete the answers by clicking the little red trash icon.

Your form is now edited. Let’s see the form settings!
You can display the stopwatch
You can display the count of participants in real time
Or you can choose to display the results once the activity is closed.

When you finish, click on “Save” and launch your activity by clicking "Start activity".
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