Goal ?

Collect in real time your audience opinion, to have an idea of what they are thinking !

To add a form, click on “+Add” at the bottom right and click on “Form”

Your form is now created with an example form.

Let’s see how to edit it ! Click on “Edit”

Write down the title that you want, here it’s : “Donnez votre avis !”

You can add a description. Here, it’s “Qu’en avez vous pensé ?” Below, you can choose to activate or deactivate the cursor which allows your participants to answer anonymously. Here, the cursor is deactivated.

Now, here are the questions and answers. You can choose the question types, with 3 choices : multiple choice question, unique choice question or open question. Then, write down your question. Here, it’s an open question : “Qu’avez vous pensé de Beekast ?”

You can also change the fact that a question is optional or not, you just have to click on the cursor below the question.
Let’s create a second question. Here, a unique choice question “Trouvez-vous Beekast intéractif ?” With multiple and unique choice questions, you can add answers, you must click on “+Add a choice”.

When you finish, click on “Save” !

Your form is now edited. Let’s see the form settings !

Here, all the settings are deactivated. Click on the cursor to activate the chronometer and the count of participants in real time.

You can also click on the cursor to activate the option “Display results in real time before the form closure” The results will be displayed in real time !

When you finish your form, click on “Open” !

Click on “Display in full screen” to enjoy your form !

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