How does it work?

Collect in real-time your audience's opinion, to have an idea of what they are thinking about!

To create a Form, click “ + ADD A SLIDE” and select the “Form" activity.

Enter the title of your activity and add instructions (optional).

Activity format

You can set up the anonimity of the questionnaire.


You can choose the type of question. 4 choices are given to you:

Multiple choice questions: Let people select multiple responses.
Open-ended question: Let your respondents enter their reply in a single textbox.
Star rating questions: to evaluate a statement on a visual scale of stars.
You can allow your respondents to check several responses or only one.

Then, write down your question and the list of answer choices.

You can add a new choice of answers and make the question optional, click "Add a choice".

Enter the possible responses in the case of multiple or unique choice questions. You can add as many as choices as you and want and it is also possible to make your question optional.

You can add as many questions as you want. just click "Add a question" and follow the same process.

You can add pictures to your questions and answers. You can also remove your questions and answers by clicking on the red bin.


Select the result display mode: You can display your results in real-time or only at the end of the activity.


Your form is now edited. Let’s see the available settings!
You can display the stopwatch.
You can display the count of participants in real-time.


When you finish, click on “Save”.


There you go! You can launch your activity by clicking "Start activity".

The owner and moderators can also take part in the activity if they want. They just need to click on the "Participate" tab.

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