How does it work? Helpful and efficient for data interpretation, Matrix is an activity with a set of points in two-dimensional space. Perfect for decision-making and visualizing data.

To create a Matrix, click on "ADD A SLIDE", then select "Matrix" and confirm your selection.

Type the title of your activity and add a description (optional).

Fill in the axis

Enter the items to assess. You can name between 2 and 20 elements. Click Add an element to add new items.
Click on the small red trash to delete an item.

You can add a poll by like or by points. Here is the voting module by point. This will allow participants to vote for the best idea(s) at the end of the Matrix by allocating points to each item. (optional)

Let's see the available settings.
Activate the stopwatch
Activate the number of live replies
Display the results only at the end of the activity

Don't forget to save your activity.

Ready! Display your activity in full screen and click "Start activity" to engage your audience.

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