How does it work? Test your audience knowledge with a multiple-choice or single-choice question and display the result as a podium or diagram.

To create the MCQ, click on "ADD A SLIDE" then select MCQ and click"Add" to confirm your selection.

Type your question set up with a description/detail (optional)
Unlike the Challenge which is also an assessment activity with a possibility of a series of questions to create, the MCQ can be set up with only one question.

Enter the choices the indicated fields and tick the correct one(s). You can enable your participants to select one or more answers by switching on the option.

You can attach a picture to your question and choices by clicking on the camera icon. To delete one or more choices click on the red trash icon to the right of each choice.

Let's see the available settings.

Your MCQ is ready, click on register
Display a stopwatch
Display the count of participants in real time
Show a countdown on question start
Show the result to participants

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Don't forget to save your activity

Ready! Click Start activity to launch your MCQ.

More about the MCQ
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