Goal ?

Engage your audience with dynamic and interactive polls and determinate how many participants have the right answer !
You can use this activity to conduct a survey among your audience as well !

To add a poll in your session, click on “+Add” and then “Poll”.

Your poll is now created. Let’s see how to edit it ! First, you need to click on “Edit”.

Fill in your question.

Then, choose the type of question that you want to ask from the drop-down menu. You have 2 choices : single choice question or multiple choice question. Example: single choice question.

Add a description if you wish. Example: only one answer possible

Then, write down the answers you’ve chosen:
For single choice question, click on the little circle on the left, to mark the right answer
For multiple choice question, click on all the circles needed
For conducting a survey, don’t mark right answers.

To illustrate better your question you can add a photo by clicking on the little camera on the right of the question or the answer. To remove a question or an answer, click on the little red trash button. When you finish, click on “Save” !

Your poll is now edited. Let’s see the different settings which are available !

5.There, all the settings are activate. You can choose to activate/deactivate the chronometer and to activate/deactivate the count of answers in real time. You need to click on the slider.

You can decide to display results in real time before vote closure. If it’s activate, the results will be update in real time.

Your poll is now edited and configured ! Click on “Open” to let your audience participate !

Click on “Display on full screen”. Your animation will be visible for everyone !

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