The principle ? Give points and let your participants define their preferences by allocating them to the different proposals.

To create a Prioritization activity, click first on "Add a slide" on the bottom right of your session, then select "Prioritization" and click on "Save" to confirm your choice.

On the right side of your session will appear the panel to edit and set your activity.

Enter a title and a description (optional). Then, give a number of points to allocate. This must be between 1 and 100.

Then, type your proposals. To add one more proposal, click on "Add Proposal".

To add a photo, click on the small camera on the right. To delete a proposal, click on the small red trash.

A series of settings are available.
Switch the cursor on to activate the stopwatch, the count of rating in real time or to display the result at once the activity will be closed.

When all this is done, click "Save" !

Your activity is now edited and set! Click "Start activity" to engage your audience!
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