How does it work?

Give points and let your participants define their preferences by allocating them to the different proposals.

To create a Prioritization, click “ + ADD A SLIDE ” and select the “Prioritization" activity.


Enter the title of your activity and add instructions (optional).

Activity format

Select the number of points to allocate, from 1 to 100.

Propositions to prioritize

Type the elements to prioritize. To add one more proposition, click on "Add a proposition".

To add a photo, click on the image icon next to the proposition. To delete a proposition, click on the red bin.

Results publication

According to the option chosen at your session creation, you can publish the results either after each submission, at the end of the session or you can choose to release them manually.

You can change this option in the general settings of the session.


You can display the count of ratings in real-time.


When you finish, click on “Save”.


There you go! You can collect your audience feedback by clicking "Start activity".

The owner and moderators can also take part in the activity if they want. They just need to click on the "Participate" tab.

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