What’s the purpose ? Enter a list of ideas and ask your participants to sort them in order. This could help you to test their knowledge on a topic !

To create a Ranking activity, click on "Add a slide" and then on "Ranking".

Your activity is thus created and you directly arrive in the "Edit" menu :
To choose a title for your activity,
To write down a description,
To give proposals in the fields indicated below (3 proposals by default)
To add a photo or a picture to your proposals by clicking on the small camera
To delete a proposal by clicking on the red bin
To add new proposals
And finally, don’t forget to click on “Save”.

NB: The order displayed in the settings is the order to be respected by your participants to have a good answer.

Your Ranking activity is now ready ! Let's see the available settings. To do this, extend the scroll-down menu on top-right corner of the slide and click on "Settings".
Through the settings , you can :
Activate or deactivate the stopwatch,
Enable/disable the number of live responses received,
Show a countdown on question start
Display the result to participants in real time or at the end of the activity.

Your Ranking activity is now personalized ! Click on "Start activity" to engage your audience.

Now it's your turn !
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