How does it work?

A funny way to open or close your session. Your audience can share selfies and other pictures in real-time!

To create a selfie wall, click on “+ ADD A SLIDE” and select “SelfieWall”.


Enter the title and/or add instructions (optional)

Activity format.

Your participants can send several pictures or they can be limited to only one picture per participant.


It is up to you to add a closing picture (A logo for example that will be displayed in fade).


You can moderate the game. This moderation option enables you to select what to display. When the moderation is activated, the facilitator receives a notification every time a contribution is sent. Click on the "moderate" tab at the bottom right of the slide and access the moderation panel.


Let’s see the available settings of the SelfieWall
Display a stopwatch
Display the number of selfies in real-time


Save your activity.


There you go! Click "Start activity" to launch your Selfie wall.

Click Send to select your picture and send it.

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