Goal ?

You audience can share selfies in real time !

Perfect to end a session !

To add a selfie wall, click on “+Add” and then “Selfie wall”

A selfie wall is now created.

Let’s see how edit it ! Click on “Edit”

Give the title that you want, for example, here, it’s : “Un petit selfie pour la fin !”

Add a description, there : “Envoyez votre plus belle grimace !”

If you want, you can also put a conclusion image. It will appear at the end of the selfie wall (there, the Beekast logo)

To save it, click on “Save” !

Your selfie wall is now edited. Click on “Settings” to discover which settings are available.

You can display the chronometer and the count of selfies in real time.

You can choose to limit your audience with 1 selfie per personn. To do that, click on the cursor “Yes” next to “Only one selfie per participant”

You can also moderate selfies. To do that, activate the cursor next to “Manually moderate selfies”. It’s up to you to decide to display selfies for everyone, or not.

When you have finished, click on “Open” !

Click on “Display in full screen” to enjoy your selfie wall !

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