How does it work?

Collect your audience opinion with a single-choice or multiple-choice question and display the results in pie or bar charts.

To create a Survey, click “ + ADD A SLIDE ” and select the “Survey" activity.

Enter the title of your activity and add instructions (optional).

Activity format

Select the question format. Two formats are given to you:
The unique-choice question: only one question is good in the unique-choice survey
The multiple-choice question: several good answers among the propositions are possible.


Enter the choices in the indicated fields. You can add as many choices as you wish by clicking "Add a proposition".

Use the red bin to delete the choices and attach your propositions with a picture if you want.

Results publication

According to the option chosen at your session creation, you can publish the results either after each submission, at the end of the session or you can choose to release them manually.

You can change this option in the general settings of the session.

You can choose to view the results according to the graphic of your choice by default as well as add the number of responses to the %. Once the activity is finished, you can change the visualization graph directly on the slide.


You can display the number of participants in real-time.


When you finish, click on “Save”.


There you go! Your poll is ready, click "Start activity" to collect your audience opinion.

The owner and moderators can also take part in the activity if they want. They just need to click on the "Participate" tab.

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