Create a wordle

Goal ?
Your audience send words which are project in live on your screen, like a cloud. When a word is send a lot of times, it will grow.

Let your audience exprimate itself about a subject you want, and collect words that are the most sended !

To add the Wordle, click on “+Add” and select “Wordle”

The activity is added and you are directly in the “Edit” section.

Write your title, “Quels mots nous représentent le mieux” for example, then click on “Save”

You wordle is now edited. Click on “Settings” to choose differents settings that are availables.

Here, the next settings are activate :
- A single participant can send several different words
- A single participant can send the same word several times

You can activate the word moderation. You must accept each word which are send by the participants to project it on the screen.

In the settings, you also can :
- Display the count of words in real time
- Display stopwatch

If you want to display word cloud only when activity is closed, activate this setting.

When your activity is configured, you can open your activity !
Click on “Open”

Click on “Display in full screen” to project your activity to your audience !

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