The Discussion is the space dedicated to increasing interactivity during your meeting and enabling participation.
Contributors can post their messages, comments.
Ideal for Q&A sessions!

Publish a message

Post a message 300-character message

Attach an image to your message or simply post an image.

Post a message anonymously if the option is activated.

Take a screenshot of your slides and post it to the Discussion.

Actions on the Discussion

Visible to the administrator and participants

Like and comment on the messages.

Access the summary of the activities and review them.

Administrator screen

Access the message menu by clicking on the 3 dots over the message to:
Pin a message according to its relevance.
Display a message in full screen
Edit a message
Tag one or several messages
Delete a message

You can also refuse a contribution.

Filters and settings (available to the administrator)

On top of the Discussion space, you will find the filters and the settings.


Select what you want to display.
You can display either the messages or the activities' summary.

the filters only concern the owner's interface. Choosing to display only messages from the filters will not remove the results of activities from the participants' discussion wall. To do this, you must disable the option in the settings.


By default, participants can send messages to the Discussion. It is up to you deactivate it by unchecking the box.

By default, your participants post messages anonymously.

You can enable moderation to control each contribution.

When moderation is enabled, each time a message is posted, you will get a

Set the display mode of the messages projected on your presentation screen.

Sections (available to the administrator)

Find the messages thanks to targeted actions.

Discussion: View the thread of messages and activities' summary.

Moderation : A moderation panel displaying the messages awaiting for moderation and those which have been refused.

Most liked posts: View only your audience's most liked messages.

Projected posts: With a few clicks, access all messages displayed on your projection screen and un-project them if you wish.

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