Here you can display your slides in full screen.

Once your session is set with all your activities, click on the two small arrows "Display in full screen" on the top right of your slide.

The full-screen mode is then enabled. It adapts to the size of your screen.

To take a screenshot of your slide, click on the small camera.

To zoom in and out, you can click on the magnifiers "+" or "-", or you can use the mouse by pressing Ctrl + Alt and rotating the wheel on your mouse (Google Chrome).

To pass your slides, click on the Previous or Next arrows on your screen or use the right and left arrows on your keyboard.

Click on "Start activity" to launch your activity or click "Stop activity" to end it. You can also use the space bar of your keyboard to start or stop your activity.

To display your timeline, click on "Timeline" at the top left. The timeline will appear to the left of your screen.

To exit the full-screen mode, move your cursor on the screen and click either on the cross at the top right or on the cross at the top middle of the screen.
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