A participation system to reward the best contributors.

This article will help you understand this participation system and where to find your participants' global points.

What is a Bee?

A Bee corresponds to a point.
For the more committed people, Beekast has developed a "Bees" system: the more a participant contributes to Beekast, the more they earn "Bees"!

How to win Bees**?

Your participants can earn Bees by responding to activities and posting messages.

Go to the Stats tab then Participant score to find the details of the Bees.

Earn 1 Bee by sending a message or commenting on a message.

Sending an idea, a picture or a word on the ideation activities such as the "Board", "Wordle" or "Selfie wall" helps participants win 2 Bees.

10 Bees for a completed activity.

Your participants' global score corresponds to the total of Bees won by your participants and their scores of assessment activities.

When creating the assessment activities, it is up to you to set up the score for each question.

View your participants' Bees.

Use the projection mode to display the leaderboard, a podium of the Best contributors at your session.

To consult the article on the projection of the global ranking, click here
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