In this article, we will explain how to add a Google Map to your Beekast session to show your participants where to meet.

First, go to Google Map:, choose the place you want to display and click on the sharing icon.

Then click on " Share ", a small window opens, then click on " Include a map " then " COMPORT HTML CONTENT ".

You will then have a field with a similar text. Select the text in quotation marks after src="........." and copy it.

Go to your Beekast account, open the target session and click on " rubrics " in the bar to the left of the session, then on "add a topic" and finally on " external web page ".

Then remove the already present link, paste the recovered link.

You can change the title of your topic so that it can be identified by your participants.

There you go! There you go! You now have your card directly visible from the Beekast section!
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