How does it work?

Follow these integrated tutorials to get started with Beekast. Throughout the following steps, you will discover how to create a meeting with Beekast

First step

Click on the lifebelt icon on the upper-right corner of your Beekast's page, then click on Tutorials.

Beware! Please click on the corresponding button displayed on the session, not the one on the instructions.

Click on Getting started in the right sidebar and follow up the instructions.

Now, you can get started with Beekast step by step.

Here you will learn to create a session and an activity, and how to manage your session.

The Sidebar

In this second step "**The sidebar**", you will discover the tabs in the left sidebar (on computer) and their use.

Here you will be able to navigate in the session, to add and share contents (Tabs) with your audience.

Interact with your participants

Here, you will discover the discussion space, perfect to create interaction with your audience. Participants and you will be able to post messages, to like them, and even to comment on other members' messages. The session's owner will be able to do many other things.
The administration of the discussion wall will be up to the session's owner or facilitator.

Import your content

Discover how to import your files in your session, and also how to organise them.

The presentation mode

This last step will show you how to project your session if you use a second screen.

Now it's your turn! Feel free to create your own session autonomously! 😄
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