FAQ Microsoft Teams

Can't find Beekast in MS Teams' app store?
Your MS Teams' subscription does not allow you or your company prevents users from accessing some apps.
Please check first with the IT of your company in order to get all/some rights.

Impossible to see all my sessions as on Beekast's interface
Yes, that's normal. Once in Teams, you can access the list of your sessions (only these which you're Owner or facilitator on). It's not the page "My sessions". Note that you cannot create a Beekast's session directly in Teams.

What if I delete my MS Teams acccount?
Keep calm! Your Beekast account will not deleted too. The two accounts are separated. But, if you remove any slides or sessions in Teams, it will also be removed from your Beekast's interface.

Is it possible to have two or more facilitators in Teams ?
Nothing changes here. You can add a facilitor directly in Teams and also a facilitator in a session.
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