Discuss on the strengths and constraints thanks to the analogy of the sailboat, rank or assess the ideas with the vote session.

This activity will create real discussions among the members of the session.

The metaphor: Our new activity


You may have already tried out the "Speed boat" or "Sailboat" activity. This may help you understand our Metaphor activity. It is a brainstorming, an activity for idea generation based on the sailboat analogy. This collaborative method is generally used in agile management as part of continuous improvement. 

Summary of the method

Members collaborate around the strengths (the wind) that help them to push further, and the weaknesses (the anchors) that the teams are suffering to achieve their purpose. This activity boosts collaboration and real discussions for a better overview of the issue. 

Expression and Collaboration

How does it work?

Engage your participants in a discussion upon the topics of strengths and constraints. Once the team gets the global vision, start a vote session to prioritize the brakes they want to work on. Identify major ideas (2 or 3), and then move on to a Board activity for example, to set up the action plan. 

Start a vote session


Facilitation and problem solving are getting more and more efficient, from brainstorming to the action plan with automatic feedback!
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