How does it work?

To encourage discussion and generate ideas to achieve the objectives set for your team, hop into the speedboat! This innovation game is very easy to set up within your company, and readily adapts to any project.

New visuals in your Metaphor activity. Get a different perspective with the Hot air balloon and Rocket and re-engage your participants in these participatory activities.

To create your activity, click on Add a slide, then click Metaphor.

Once you select your activity, you access the activity editing pannel.
Here you are! You will able to edit your activity.

Enter the title of your activity, and add instructions (optional).

Activity format
It is up to you to make the contributions anonymous, and also to add a poll.

Activity background
We’ve created new backgrounds for your Metaphor activities. Many of you already use the speedboat version. Now try out the hot air balloon and the rocket!

Working with a boat analogy, participants explore what helps a team to advance toward its objectives, and what slows it down. This highly accessible approach encourages the group to explicitly identify the project’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and hurdles.

With the hot air balloon Metaphor, you discuss the same topics as the speedboat, using only the impediments and drivers. The hot air balloon analogy is a simple activity for implementing continuous improvement within your team. It’s a great switch up from the speedboat and a nice way to add a new dimension to your meetings, something that’s essential to keep people from getting bored.

Try out the rocket Metaphor, a collaborative activity for discussing strategic topics. Get a different perspective with the Beekast rocket and work as a team on transformation issues: describe your strategies and the initiatives to set up (Earth), your methods like teams and skills (Rocket) and finally, the objectives (Moon), which are your strategic challenges.
Grâce à l'icône du crayon, vous pouvez modifier les intitulés de vos colonnes et même attacher une image au titre.

Settings (Time management)
To make your activity even more dynamic, you can coose to display a stopwatch, or even a timer to determine the duration of your activity.

Once your activity has been edited, click on Save.

Launch your activity

Click on the Start activity button in the top-right corner of the slide.

The slide menu (the 3 dots in the top right corner of the slide)
You can edit your slide, make a copy, reset it, make a screenshot, and remove it at any time.

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