Random alias are generated when participants join a session without a Beekast account.
This is possible when the administrator enables the option in the session's settings.
It helps participants to find themselves during the session.

Two anonymous options are available in the settings:
The partial anonymity (The random alias)
The complete anonymity

Enable the partial anonymity (Random avatar and pseudonym) or the complete anonymity (Only anonymous participants)

Go to the settings on the left sidebar
click on Connection and security
click *Optional and anonymous account

Deactivate the random avatar and pseudonym

Go to the settings and select the option Completely anonymous

Beware! The Course and the Podium features risk to be misused because it will be impossible to dissociate the participants.

Tick some mandatory fields ( First name and/or Last name)
In this case, participants will be obliged to enter these information to join your session.

Or select Account required
Participants must login or create an account to join the session. They will be identified with their email address.

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