Use the discussion space to interact with your participants, and display their messages in full screen.

Beware! Messages are not displayed on the administration screen but only on the projection screen.

Consult our guide to Live session and the tips to extend your desktop.

How does it work?

Click on the screen icon over the message.

To remove the projection, click on the same icon.

To display messages automatically in live session, go to the Discussion space's settings and tick "Automaticcaly project messages on the wall"

In the discussion space's settings, you can select the position of the messages, and filter the display order by date or by Like.

Hit the 3 dots over a message to pin, to display in Full screen, to edit, to tag, to reject, or to delete a message.
Any deletion is permanent.

Just click on the same icon to remove the action.

To remove all messages displayed in full screen, hover your cursor over the messages, and click on " Unproject all messages "

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