How does it work?

Taking decisions and recording action items directly in Beekast to make your meetings more efficient.

Regardless of the progress of the meeting, you can make a decision or plan an action at any time. Two options are available in Beekast for this purpose:

On the Discussion wall: Participants can enter actions and decisions as the meeting progresses.
Tips: choose a note taker at the beginning of the meeting. Their role will be to record the action items and decisions in Beekast as the meeting progresses.

During the brainstorming activities (Board and Metaphor): you can transform any idea into action or decision when you get to the point of defining the action plan.

Perfect for assigning tasks during meetings, this feature increases engagement and, it makes your meeting more collaborative.

More efficient meetings thanks to Actions/Decisions

Take actions, and follow up on them once they have been planned in a session.

At the end of the meeting, it is up to you to release the report of your collaborative meeting. This report includes all messages, the activities' results and actions/decisions.
This will enable you to make the appropriate information available to all the members.

To ensure that the action plan is carried out, you need to add some follow-up between meetings. The action plan's management is simplified by Beekast thanks to the Due date reminder emails : participants assigned to an action are notified by e-mail when the due date of an action is approaching, allowing them to update their follow-up before the next meeting.

How to enable this feature on your session?

3 options for adding an Action or a Decision to your session:

Any member in the session can plan actions/decisions

→ Once on the home page, click on "Add" in the section of "Actions and Decisions", then select either Action or a Decision.

→ Or go to the discussion wall of your session. Then at the top of this pannel, click on"Plan an action" or "Make a decision".

As the session organiser

→ Click on the 3 dots over an idea card sent in your Board or Metaphor activity. Then choose "Plan an action" or "Make a decision".

Creating your Action or Decision card

Below are the elements you can add to the action's card

The title of your action (or decision)
Details of the action (or decision)
Assign the action (or decision) to as many participants as you wish.

Only participants with a Beekast account will be proposed in the list.

Add a due date
determine the priority level
And finally define the status

Depending on the status of the action and the due date assigned to it, a reminder e-mail will be sent to the assigned participants.

On the discussion wall of the session, click on the 3 dots over your Action or Decision :

→ to change the status of your Action or Decision
→ to edit your card
→ to remove card

If you go back to the page "My Sessions", you will be able to view the progress of the actions and decisions of a particular session.

→ If all actions are completed, they will be displayed in green.
→ Otherwise, they will be displayed in red.

To have a follow-up on the actions planned during your presentation, you can send them by e-mail to the address of the Beekast account.

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