The Discussion space is the dedicated space for creating real discussions during your presentation.
Participants can post their messages or questions. They can like and comment on other messages.

Useful for Q&A series!

How does it work?

To post a message on the discussion space

Click on New post to enter your text and post it.

When the anonymity is allowed on the discussion space, participants can post their messages anonymously by switching the cursor.

To post a picture on the discussion space, click on the icon in the field and select your picture.

Participants can like and comment on messages.

Thanks to the 3 dots over each message, different actions are available to the administrator and participants.

The administrator can pin a message, edit, display in full-screen, tag or even delete the messages by clicking the dots above the messages, then choose the option they wish.

Participants can only edit or delete their own messages.

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