The Video Conferencing system is unfortunately disabled

Prerequisites to use the video conferencing system

Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari (last version)

Excellent Internet connection

Need a webcam and a microphone

Get connected to only one video conference session

The owner of the session must be connected to the sesison

Up to 50 remote connected participants at the same time.

How does ti work?

Once you have the video conferencing option on your account

Click on « + Organize a session »

Fill in the title of your session and set it up.

Enable the "Video conference"

Then, select the option you wish:

« On site and remote » Your participants can be on site or remotely. This option optimizes the number of participants.

« Remote only » Use this in the case your participants are on site.

The settings of the session

Enable the microphone and the webcam

The first time you get connected to a Video conferencing session, your browser (Here: Chrome) asks for the activation of your microphone and your camera.

You have to click on "Allow" in order to make video conferencing work!

Enable the microphone and the camera for an efficient use of the video conference.

Here you go! An active video screen will appear at the bottom of the discussion space.

You can desallow the camera by clicking on the icons of microphone and camera. Reactivate them by clicking on them again.

To collapse the video conference screen, click on the small arrow.

Identification of the participants

To improve the video conference sesision, we recommend to enforce your audience to input their name when joining the session. Go to the settings, then click on "Connection and security" in order to enable the mandatory fields (First name and last name).

Change the settings

You can change the option «On-Site and Remote or Remote only» at any time by clicking on « Settings », then Video conference.

You can desallow the video conference at any time. Just click desallow the cursor.

During the session

The progress bar increases or decreases in real time, depending on the participants connected to the video conference.

The maximum number of participants in the videoconference is 50 participants, whatever the chosen option

Once the video conference is active, a dedicated tab « Video » is generated on the left sidebar.

The list and the number of participants online will be displayed. You will be able to stop all cameras and microphones with a few clicks, or to send activation request to your audience.

If you have an offer that allows more than 50 participants, those who are not connected by videoconference can still follow your session.

You are always aware of the number of participants online and the count of those connected to the video conference. You just need to hover your cursor over the counter of participants.

To stop all cameras and mute all microphones, click on the « Video » on the left sidebar.

Then, click « Desable all microphones » or « Desable all cameras »

It is up to you to give the floor to any participants. You are always in control of your session. Just click on the microphone icon or on the camera icon over a given participant to ask them for activation.

On mobile:

If the participant is in the room of the organizer, they must select the option "On site".
However, they can still join the videoconference if they wish.

If the participant is not in the room of the organizer, they must select the option "Remote" to be able to follow the video conference. They can disable their microphone or their camera at any time.

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