Import slides from other sessions

You can import your activities as well as your slides already created from another session.

Once imported, activities are fully editable.


Click Add a slide then import from a session.

All you have to do is pick up from all your available sessions.

Session search

You can only import activities and slides from your own sessions or those you moderated.

You can search for your sessions by typing their titles or their code in the search bar.

You can also search for your sessions within a given workspace by clicking on the "folder" icon.

Session information

Key information are displayed on each box corresponding to a session:

- The title of the session
- The creation date
- The session mode: controlled by the animator (reading desk icon) or autonomously moved by the participant (mouse icon)
- The number of slides in this session (slides + activities)
- The number of activities in the session
- The number of categories (or tags) to which the session belongs.

If the session does not contain any activity or slide, the box of the session remains unavailable. When you hover your cursor over it, it will display the following message: "Import is disabled because the session does not contain any slide".

Import a slide

Once in the session, select from all the available slides and activities and click import.

There you are! Your activity has been imported!

In the autonomous control, it is not possible to import the Challenge activity.

The box corresponding to this activity remains unavailable and the message "Challenge activity cannot be imported" is displayed.

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