Upload your presentation files (Pdf or PPT)

Import your presentation and insert Beekast interactive activities.

To add your presentation, click "Add a slide", then select the type of presentation you wish to upload to Beekast: PDF or PowerPoint.

Be careful! When importing your PPT/PDF files, specific features such as hyperlinks, comments, and PowerPoint animations, do not work once in Beekast.

According to your subscription, a maximum size for files is allowed.

Select your file.

Your presentation is added and split into independent slides.

Click "Organize" at the bottom right and access the slide viewer to reorganize your slides and activities.

Drag and drop your slide.

It is possible to move or to delete one or several slides at the same time thanks to the multiple selections option.

Once your presentation is ready, click the small arrow at the top left to go back to your admin screen.
Now click Live session to display your presentation in full-screen.
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