Maybe someone sent you an invitation, a session code or a link​ to join a session ?

Via an invitation received in your email box :
Click Join the session or login in (you already have a Beekast account)

You can join this session with your Beekast account (Free or Premium)
Connect to your Beekast account

Click Join

Enter the session code given by the owner then click Join to access the session

Or you have no account? No matter!

Open a web page and directly enter the given link : for example or connect to and enter the session code.

You can access the session!

The access to the session may be restricted by a password or any other mandatory fields to fill in.

Enter the password then click Save

Fill in the mandatory fields then click Save

Ready! Take part now in the session!

You can access the timeline to post messages, comments and/or like them.

You can participate in all the launched activities.

You can view useful information in the tabs.

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