Maybe someone sent you an invitation, a session code or a link​ to join a session ?

Join a session

Via an email invitation:
Click the links Join the session or login in (if you already have a Beekast account).

You can join this session with your Beekast account (Free or Premium)

Get connected to your Beekast account

Join a session

Enter the session code given by the owner then click Join to access the session.

Or you have no account? No matter!

Open a web page and directly enter the given link : for example or connect to and enter the session code.

You can access the session!

The access to the session may be restricted by a password or any other mandatory fields to fill in.

Enter the password then click Save

Fill in the mandatory fields then click Save

Ready! Take part now in the session!

Send your questions and any other contributions to the facilitator and also to other participants.

You can access the Discussion space to post messages, comments, or to like published messages.

Access all the activities, those in progress and the ended ones

Participate in activities in progress and review the closed ones.

On computer: Click "Activity" on the left sidebar of your session

On mobile: Find it on the bottom navigation bar.

As long as the session is open, participants can send and/or modify their answers*.

It is not possible to modify answers in assessment activities.

When the activity is closed, participants can see the slide. The activity's status is displayed at the upper-right corner of the slide (Open or closed, Answered or Not answered).

Participants can go back to the live presentation. They just need to click Back to slideshow.

View your level of achievement

A progress bar is available to the participants so that they can clearly visualize the progress of their tasks on the session.

Access information and files shared by the session owner.

You can access useful information by clicking tabs on the left sidebar (on the computer) or the Menu button at the bottom of your smartphone.

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