Connexion and Security will help you manage access to your sessions.
By default, all the participants can access sessions with no Beekast account.

Once your session is ready, the session admin can send:
The session link ( on the upper-left corner of your session or on the slide Instructions)
The session code ( xxxxx on the upper-left corner of your session or on the slide Instructions)
A QR code (on the slide Instructions and on the upper-right corner of the projection screen projection screen)

To manage the connection and security, go to the settings on the left sidebar, then click "Connexion and security".

Access the session without a Beekast account.

With the optional account, participants can join the session with no Beekast account. The admin can enable either the partial anonymity or the full one.

Random avatar and name (Partial anonymity): Each participant is identified by an animal's avatar and an adjective (ie. Agile Girafe). Both are unique to each participant. This feature allows you to dissociate each participant while maintaining their anonymity. It is ideal for gamification during your session. The use of the Course and the Podium will boost participation.

Only anonymous participants (Partial anonymity): Participants are represented by the same avatar and the title "anonymous". Scores and contributions are cumumlated for each anonymous participant.

Beware! The Course and the Podium features risk to be misused because it will be impossible to dissociate the participants.

Access the session with a required a Beekast account, with more security.

Be careful, it means that your participants must have or create a Beekast account to access the session.

You can limit access to your session with a password.

You can restrict access to domains or emails. Only authorized domain names (i.e., and/or email addresses (i.e., will access your session.

You can add an email list in a few clicks. Click on “ Do you want to add an email list? and enter the emails.

Enable the mandatory fields either with account required or with optional account

Participants will necessarily fill out the fields to access the session.

Beware! Only the first name and last name are visible on the admin screen. The other information are available in the Export excel (Stats).

In the case of a required password

In the case of activated mandatory fields.

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