A privacy feature to control access to your session. Two options are given to you:

Access the session without a Beekast account.

Click on “Settings” on the left sidebar.

*Then, click on “Privacy”
The “optional account” is selected by default to enable your participants to join the session with no Beekast account.

To control access and identify your audience, switch on the cursor to activate the mandatory fields first name and last name for example.

You can also create some personalized fields.

To delete the added fields, click on the little red trash.

When participants will get connected to your session, they will necessarily fill the fields to access the session.

The second option to control access is to activate the “Account required” option.
Be careful, it means that your participants must have or create a Beekast account to access the session.

Click on “Account required”.

*Restrict access to domains or e-mails (optional)

Click on the small red trash to delete.

If you want to add a list of emails within some clicks, click on “Do you want to add an email list?”
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