Time is valuable, so we’ve introduced a timer

To help you better manage how much time you spend in meetings, we added a Timer function to our existing Stopwatch.

You can choose how to manage time for each activity:

none: there’s no time limit for your participants, other than what you tell them,
stopwatch: you choose how long participants have to send in answers for the activity, and you decide when to stop the activity. This is a flexible mode, allowing you to adapt to the group’s dynamics,
timer: you set a time limit for sending in activity answers. The activity will end automatically when the time expires, and your participants will no longer be able to participate. This is useful if you want to add some excitement or carefully control an activity, so it doesn’t derail your whole schedule.

Anonymity for Board and Metaphor activities

To better adapt our brainstorming activities to your meeting formats, we added an anonymity setting to the Board and Metaphor.

When you create the activity, you can choose whether or not to show who had the ideas. By default, the authors are not shown, but if you disable the ‘Ideas are anonymous’ option, you’ll see the avatar of the person who wrote the idea as well as those of voters.

No matter which display mode you choose, all the data will still be included in the Export file.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions through the Beekast Community regarding these new options. We’d be delighted to chat.
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