Illustrate your ideas during your brainstorming!

Whether from your computer or your mobile phone, from another website or via Unsplash free photos and images, you can add photos and images to your ideas' cards within your Board activity.
Perfect for your mood boards!

Illustrating an idea with a picture

A mood board with Beekast

An active pointer on the projected screen for better session facilitation

You'll find the "pointer" functionality in the settings of the projected screen. Click the pointer to activate it and you'll indicate with more precision your next action on the presentation screen. This will help to enhance your intervention and to optimize your facilitation.

Use a pointer during your presentation

Facilitate your session with an active pointer


Activities control

With this update, we want to make the activities' facilitation easier. One location for all control buttons (Start, Stop, Reset, and Start polling):

Buttons to control your activity

Here is a new one: "Continue" enable to restart the same activity without losing participation data. And your participants will be able to edit their answers.

Another improvement in the Board activity and the polling: you can reset your activity and choose to keep either ideas and vote results or only ideas (perfect to add new ideas on the Board and restart polling).

Editing the started activities

To make the tool much more user-friendly, you can now edit all activities, even those which are in progress:

When answers have not been sent: you can edit the activity.
When answers have already been sent: you'll be able to edit the titles and images, but not the structure (question type, adding/deleting a choice, the order of propositions, to avoid distorting the results.)

Simplified way to create activities

The activities' forms have been redesigned for making their creation easier.

Find brand-new sections and a more visual setting in all activities: activity format, propositions of the answer, corrections, results, and so on.

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