New features

New integration available: Jitsi

Organise remote meetings easily with Beekast and Jitsi.

Want to host a remote video conference meeting? With Beekast, you can now link your session to a Jitsi video conference session.

Jitsi is a free, secure video conferencing solution developed in France. No account is needed.
Enable the connection to Jitsi from your session settings and add a video conference from your session home panel. All your participants will now have access to the video conference link when they join your Beekast session.

You can then host your remote meeting using both tools.



The speedboat now displays the 4 classic zones: accelerators, objectives, brakes and obstacles so that you can better animate your collaborative workshops.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions through the Beekast Community regarding these new options. We’d be delighted to chat.
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