We are proud to announce the release of a major evolution in Beekast. From now on, you can create sessions entirely controlled by the participant.

New opportunities are created for you:

- Time and distance are no longer obstacles to organizing meetings: start your session and invite your participants. They can contribute at their own pace and participate in the activities when they want.

- Organize pedagogical sessions: create your session with information content and assessment activities, then invite your learners to attend the training. Perfect for confirming learners' knowledge.

- How Beekast is advantageous! Guaranteeing the simplicity of use with easy control of your session. From now on, during the creation of the new "autonomous" session**, simple settings are accessible in a few clicks:

- Publication of results: The organizer can choose to publish them either automatically, at the end of the session or manually (in this case, participants will receive an email notifying the availability of the correction and results).

- Access to the breakdown: you can choose whether or not to publish the distribution of the group responses when displaying results.

- Browsing direction: Enable an autonomous slides' control to your attendees or restrict them to move forward on the slides without possible backtracking.

- Access to the Discussion space: you can disable the Discussion space to avoid information sharing during the session.

- Required account: you can encourage your participants to create an account so that they can receive results' notifications by email.

And finally, don't lose any information! You can choose to receive a daily or weekly report of the activity on your sessions. Useful to know if participants have posted new messages or the count of people who access the session.

And as usual, all the participation data will be found in the automatic report.

This functionality is a big step forward for Beekast. Our development teams are already working on its next major improvements, including better monitoring of participants' results and new interactive activities.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. So feel free to share them with us (lien support et communauté) and thus contribute to the evolution of Beekast.

The interface "My Sessions" has been redesigned to make it more readable.
You can customize the session card. For better identification of your session, select its color and icon (select from our predefined icons or upload your own icon).

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