A workspace for better managing your sessions.

Your sessions are now moved to a default workspace. You can create as many workspaces as you want and move your sessions to a chosen workspace.

Create your workspaces

Filters and search on the page My Sessions

You can choose to display your sessions according to their status. Easy to organize your sessions by visibility: open (with or without published results), corrected and closed sessions.

Simply display your selected sessions

Efficient search with workspaces: you can search by name or session code, but also on workspaces' names.

Easy to search for a session


Hiding columns on a Board activity

Brainstorming approaches are very often run on boards with many columns. To better equip the facilitators, the "Hide/Display" function has been implemented on the Board' columns. They can be hidden on the side of the participants' interface and also on the projection screen. But the organizer has a total view on all the contributions.

Hide or display the columns
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