This summer, we have implemented two major innovations in Beekast. This will improve the engagement of participants in your meetings. Perfect when they come back from holidays!

A participation system to reward the best contributors

For the most committed people, we have set up a scoring system in "bees": the more a participant contributes to Beekast, the more they earn "bees".

Get Bees for more engagement

How does it work?

By answering the questions, posting messages or comments, or contributing as much as possible on ideation activities such as the Board, the Selfie wall or the Wordle.

And for even more engagement, display the ranking of the best contributors! Real impact!

Display the best contributors

A scoring system to assess or validate learning outcomes

From now on, you can set up a scoring system on your assessment activities.

You have a default scoring scale and a customizable one. In the customizable scoring system, activity by activity, it is up to you to determine the number of points for each correct answer. You can also choose whether or not to grant points if the partial answer is correct.

Set the scoring scale

At the end of your session, you can display your participants' score as points or percentage.

They also have access to their score throughout their participation.

Score summary

You can check out these results in the Stats/Participant Score tabs. All the scores will be available in the data export:

- connection duration and date
- the total evaluation score
- the total participation score
- details of scores per activity

Throughout the session, especially in asynchronous mode (Autonomous slide navigation), you can follow each participant's progress in the new Participants panel (replacing the former "Participants" tab).

Participation progress bar

And finally, challenge your participants by displaying the general ranking of the session. Perfect to refresh the engagement!

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