Engage your audience in a real adventure thanks to the Journey view.

During your asynchronous session, you can display your participants' progress to boost participation. 

Our journey view works like a board game: participants are represented as pieces moving on a pre-marked surface according to their progress in the session, whether they are viewing a slide or answering a quiz. 

An efficient application? The quiz!

Create an asynchronous session (Slide navigation autonomously moved by the participants). Add an activity (an MCQ or a Ranking) for every question of your quiz. Go to the full-screen mode and track the global ranking. At any time, you can move on to the Journey view and display it to challenge your audience and boost participation. 

New avatars for anonymous participants

You want your participants to remain anonymous but you would like to enable them to find themselves on our journey views or rankings.

An anonymous avatar system has been implemented so that anonymous participants can find themselves very easily. A unique avatar is assigned to the participants once they get connected. They can identify themselves in the various rankings and journeys, and also on the Discussion space.
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