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Integrate a video conference into your Beekast session

You can now decide how best to display your video conference in Beekast depending on the type of meeting you’re participating in!

Have a second monitor? Is it a regular team meeting? A professional workshop? Choose to open it in a separate tab – a more convenient option in these situations;
Are you taking (or offering) a training course? Do you want to be able to see your remote participants’ reactions in real-time so you can adapt your meeting? Open the video conference directly in your session. This is the best display option for perceiving how your participants feel.

How does integrated video conferencing work?

Link your Jitsi account to Beekast from your account settings in Beekast. Open the session in question and enable video conferencing so all your participants can access it.
When the meeting starts, you can join the video conference from the session’s home panel and choose the display method that works best for you.

Suggested improvements?
If you’d like us to develop other connectors for video conferencing, please share your suggestions with us in the Beekast Community!
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