Create an action plan in Beekast for effective, productive meetings

Outlining an action plan to deal with a given issue is one of the main reasons we host business meetings.
With Beekast, you can think through the whole issue together and easily transform ideas into an action plan.

Step 1: create your action plan during a session

No matter how far along you are in the meeting, you can approve a decision or schedule an action at any time. Beekast gives you two easy ways to do this:
In the discussion space: all participants can record actions and decisions during the meeting
Tip: we suggest designating a note taker at the beginning of the session who will be in charge of this
With brainstorming activities (Board and Metaphor): you can turn any idea into an action or a decision when it comes time to outline the action plan

Step 2: share the action plan

Once actions are identified in a session, you need to be able to track them.

Beekast already gave you the option to share the session’s meeting notes with all of the discussions, activity results and actions/decisions at the end of the meeting. Now you can share the session action plan with your participants so they have a comprehensive summary of your collaborative meeting.
This way, everyone has the same information.

Step 3: track and schedule information to make sure action plan is completed

Beekast isn’t designed to replace your regular project management tool. Instead, it highlights the results of your meeting (the action plan) so they’re not forgotten!

To make sure the action plan is implemented, you’ll need to do some tracking between meetings. Beekast simplifies this process with due date reminder emails: participants who’ve been assigned an action receive an email when the due date is approaching, which will help them update their progress before the next meeting.

Suggested improvements?

If you’d like us to develop other Actions/Decisions features, please share your suggestions with us in the Beekast Community!
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