Update your collaborative meetings with new Metaphor activity visuals

We’ve created new backgrounds for your Metaphor activities. Many of you already use the speedboat version. Now try the hot air balloon and the rocket!

With the hot air balloon Metaphor, you discuss the same topics as the speedboat (impediments/drivers) without the objectives/hurdles. The hot air balloon analogy is a simple activity for implementing continuous improvement within your team. It’s a great switch up from the speedboat and a nice way to add a new dimension to your meetings, something that’s essential to keep people from getting bored.

Next, try out the rocket Metaphor, a collaborative activity for discussing strategic topics. Get a different perspective with the Beekast rocket and work as a team on transformation issues: describe your strategies and the initiatives to set up (Earth), your methods like teams and skills (Rocket) and finally, the objectives (Moon), which are your strategic challenges.
Like the speedboat and hot air balloon, you can use the rocket as part of a continuous improvement workshop by adapting the title and the category icons to your business context.

Improve your follow-up with the notification centre

To help you get the most out of the new Actions/Decisions feature, we’ve added a notification centre to Beekast.
There you’ll find all the actions assigned to you from all of the sessions where they were entered. You’ll have a quick overview of upcoming deadlines so you can better prioritise your work.
You update the status of these action items right in the notification centre, making your follow-up even more efficient in Beekast.

Suggested improvements?

If you’d like us to develop other Actions/Decisions features or other visuals for the Metaphor activity, please share your suggestions with us in the Beekast Community!
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