Two scoring systems to engage and evaluate your audience.
The Bees and the Points

The Bees
They are simply a scoring type used to rate the engagement of your audience. It shows the level of participation and interaction of each participant.

The participation or engagement score is calculated in "Bees". Useful to engage and reward your audience!

Participants earn:
1 Bee for each message sent (allowed) in the discussion.
2 Bees for each idea sent and allowed in the Board activity for example.
10 Bees for each completed activity.

The organizer can:
view all these scores by clicking on Stats on the left sidebar, then Participants' scores.

display the score in Live session.

Display the best contributors

The score of evaluation
A scoring system to assess or validate learning outcomes
It's up to the organizer or moderator to set up the number of points for each question in the activities of evaluation (MQC, Challenge, Ranking).

The organizer can determine the number of points per question, from 1 to 10 points.

Set up the scoring scale

Participants can access their score

Score summary

Know more about the Bees and scores of evaluation
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