The session interface

On the top left, you will find:

The title
The status (open or closed)

Modify the session status by clicking Opened or Closed

On the top right of this interface, you will find:

The count of participants

Click on it to send invitations by email.

The button to display your session in full screen.

The news and product updates via the speaker icon (Only when new articles are available, otherwise you can access the product updates via the Help Center)

The lifebelt, to access tutorials, the Help Center, and the support team via the button live chat.

On the left sidebar, you will see:

the space Discussion to create discussions and interactions in real time.

Tabs to share useful information and documents relating to your session.
Activities in progress and/or closed via the joystick icon.
The session report
The Stats (Export Excel)
The settings to customize your session.

Your account with your personal information and the possibility to change your password. you will also access information about your subscription and your billing.

On the bottom, you will see:
all your slides

Your slides
the button "Add a slide" to create new slides.

To create interactive activities

the button "Organize" to access the slides viewer.

To organize your slides
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