To share useful elements with your participants, use the Tabs section to create an agenda, a list of information, embed a partner webpage in your session or even add files to be downloaded.

Organize a session and click "tabs" on the left sidebar.

Let's create an agenda! Click "Add an item" and select "Agenda".

There you are! Click on "Add a time slot"

Edit the title, select the date and time slots, and add additional content if you wish.

You can as many slots as you want.

Let's create an "Information" section by applying the same and simple process.
Tabs > Add an item > Information

It is up to you to change the title. Now enter the text in the text editor and save. You can add a clickable hypertext link.

You can create a "list", introducing the speakers or the members for example.
Tabs > Add an item > List

Easy to embed your partner's web page on your session and make it available to your audience.
Tabs > Add an item > External web page

Enter the link (https only) and save it.

Be careful! For safety reasons, some web pages refuse to be embedded.

Want to share some files with your participants? Here you are!

You can edit the tabs at any time and also add as many tabs as you want.

Don't forget to save when you finish.

Here are the created tabs!

To change the order of the items, go to the settings, and scroll down the panel.
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