To share useful information with your participants, use the Tabs section to create an agenda, a list of information, to embed a partner's webpage into your session or even add files to be downloaded.

The feature Tabs helps you share information easily and efficiently with your audience. It is up to you to create the following tabs:

Agenda: Create your meeting schedule, a training program, ...
Information: Create a library of information, display some instructions, ...
List: Display the list of the speakers to your event or the list of partners, ...
External web page: Make your website more visible by embedding it into your session, intergrate a google map to locate your event, ...
Files sharing: Create a library of files your participants will download.

How does it work?

Once in your session, click Tabs on the Home page:

Click on Tabs
Select your tab
Edit your tab

It is up to you to hide or display the created tabs by clicking on this button.

Drag and drop each tab to change their position on the list.

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