Two navigation modes are available on Beekast.

Slides can be moved either by the owner/moderator or autonomously by the participants.

Both modes are represented by an icon on your sessions:

The icon of the speaker represents the slide navigation controlled by the moderator.
Perfect for meetings, place-based event or remote ones.

The icon of the mouse is the one representing the autonomous mode.
Usable to improve your training, this mode is perfect for efficient blending learning.

This article will deal especially with the second mode ( Autonomous control ).

Note: Once your session is created, you cannot change the navigation mode.

With this mode, space and time will no longer prevent you from organizing your presentation. Participants will move the slides autonomously and at their pace.

Click "Organize a session"

Enter the title of your session and select the navigation mode: " Autonomous control ".

Set up your session by allowing some of the following settings

Publication of the results
Participants can go back inside the presentation.
Participants can post messages on the Discussion space
Compulsory or optional account to login into your session
Participants can access other members' results.

Whichever navigation mode you choose, activity creation mode remains the same. On the other hand, the "Activity tab" on the left sidebar and the activity Challenge are not available on the autonomous mode.

All features previously chosen when creating your session can be changed at any time. Go to the settings.

Note that it is not possible to change the slide navigation mode.

You can follow up your sessions whichever the navigation mode is.

Here is an article to help you enable daily or weekly notifications. Follow up your sessions
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